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Why are we stuck on our farm?


Why are we stuck on our farm? Well, actually we are not. We could leave the farm-by foot-which would take us about one hour to reach the next house and about five hours to get to the edge of Middleburg and another 20 minutes to reach the first grocery store, because food is the first thing we will run out of if our situation doesn’t improve. No, it´s the second thing because we already ran out of water (again) but that is another story.

To get back to our question:

DSCN4370We cannot go anywhere because one wheel of our car is in pieces. To get to our house we need to drive on one of those red, bumpy and not prepared roads and exactly there it happened that a sharp stone pierced our wheel and-pfffff-it got flat. (Yes, I could really hear the air escaping.) And because we had already used our extra wheel in a similar incident a week ago and there was no help to get we had no other option than to drive on. I think there is not much more to say now; the rubber of the wheel was totally ripped in pieces when we got home.

So that´s why we are stuck on the farm until Uncle Johan comes and brings us another wheel. That will be in a few days, so our situation is not that hopeless at all.

(I wrote this story when I was still living on a farm)